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Despite a 2-1 win against Atletico Madrid, the Guardolia Bayern failed to get most, qualifying for the final of the champions League.
The goals of Alonso (31st) and (74) Lewandowski did not conceal the famous goal) outside registered with mastery by Griezmann following a deep pass on a counter in the 54th minute. Fernando Torres to even had the opportunity to kill any suspense with a penalty by Bavarian goalkeeper.
The mental German was not enough to get out of the natives of rigorous and opportunistic. Truth be told, the Madrid Porter has also much. Diego Simeone, who also hit personnel holding the electronic table of change of judgments of match games player, leads again his team in the final of the champions League. And, why not, for a rematch deal with their neighbor, the Real de Madrid, this time led by Zinedine Zidane instead of Carlo Ancelotti.

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