OGC Nice crushed Rennes with the magic of Ben Arfa - PGF - POWER GOALS FOOTBALL
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For a place in League in Europe next season, the OGC Nice as the match go did not detail face Rennes. The culprit?  Ben Arfa. Hanna loves the FC Rennes and it shows. Already double scorer in the game go (with goals from Anthology). There he scored no less than a triple. He scored first from the penalty spot after a foul of Armand on Seri, then the conclusion of one against well led by a cross shot and then shot both powerful and accurate after a new against, at the entrance of the Rennes area. Ben arfa is now second best scorer of League 1 with 17 goals. We can say that Nice is purchased during the off-season the equivalent of a Neymar or a Messi.

The other star of the match, Deepak had very little opportunity to speak. There was just a series of dribbling sterile in the Nice surface.

Note dementia stops by goalkeeper Niçois Cardinale on a hit at point-blank Boga and on a whim franc which went into the top corner.



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